At Squareye Television we are pleased to offer our in-house studio space which is perfect for interviews and product demonstrations. We can also broadcast live to the internet if needed.

For a larger production we use a local studio. Moorlands Studios are the largest privately owned photographic and video studios in the Midlands. We are pleased to have a great working relationship with Moorlands and can offer this video studio to our clients. The 12000 square foot studio is based in Worcester, just 2 minutes off the M5 junction 6, and 10 minutes from our offices. The studios are extensively well equipped with video lighting and set building facilities. Each studio has it’s own production office and a meeting / green room is also available on request.

Filming in a video studio is perfect when you need a totally controlled environment. We recently filmed an instructional film for a new hospital bed. Filming on location in a worked hospital would have been very difficult so we decided to use Moorlands Studios. We had very easy access in through the drive in shutter doors, unloading the bed directly from the back of the lorry.

We wanted a totally white background and floor with the bed sitting in the middle. The instructional moves were filmed to the script with two broadcast television cameras, one from above and the second from straight on.