Cadbury World Promo

Cadbury World welcomed their 600,000th customer in a single year and we were there to film the event. In fact we spend three days there filming every part of the attraction for a major new Cadbury World promotional film.

On this shoot we used our Steadicam which enabled us to effortlessly move the camera around the location giving some amazingly smooth shots. Time was spent beforehand working out the camera moves, timing actor’s lines and preparing whatever lighting was required, but once everything was ready and in place, the shots were completed in minutes.

Steadicam is often used when laying down meters of camera track isn’t possible. Inside Cadbury World working around the general public is one such place. The director wanted the camera to be walking through the attraction following various visitors and actors. It was important we didn’t cause too much disruption, so watching from a distance, on a wireless video link monitor, the director was able to give actor directions along with camera direction and feedback. The finished film showcased another record-breaking year for Cadbury World and was a huge success.