All Squareye Television crew have at one time or another worked in broadcast television. This experience is what we bring to every corporate video production that we do. Quality of work and customer services is what we are known for and is at the heart of everything we do. With over fifteen years experience in broadcast television and corporate video production we can honestly say we have it covered! All our lighting cameramen carry a vast array of equipment in their vehicles and can easily adapt to new challenges. Each carry a minimum of two cameras, full location lighting, sound recording equipment and wireless video monitoring for the client.

Sound recording can be covered in a couple of ways. The best solution is to use one of our broadcast sound recordists. Each with a broadcast television and corporate video production background they always carry two lapel radio mics and a boom mic. Extra radio mics are available on request. Where budgets are very tight we do offer a single man service where the cameraman will monitor sound directly into the camera. This is how all UK newsgathering is covered and our crews can easily handle it.

We have filmed all over the world. From the busy streets of Tokyo, the beautiful beaches of Thailand, to the remoteness of Malawi, our teams have covered many different stories.

International travel comes with it’s own set of logistical challenges. Getting equipment there in one piece has to be at the top of every ones agenda. Many times we have had to negotiate bringing our cameras on to a flight rather than placing them in the hold. Keeping the shot material on us until we get home is also a good idea. Much easier now everything we shoot is on as small SD card rather than tape.

We are based near Bromsgrove in the West Midlands and regularly film all of the UK and beyond.

Tel: 01527 313660