MAPA Spontex commissioned Squareye Television to produce their latest online advert for a new product, the Spontex Dishmop.

A refillable and soap dispensing washing up tool designed with a long and comfortable handle, making it the perfect tool to tackle your washing up! Simply pour your favourite washing up liquid into the Dishmop and you are ready to go!

Just like our Washups, the scourer is made from anti-grease technology, so it does not retain grease and stays cleaner and efficient for even longer!

Ideal for when you only need to wash up a few dirty dishes or want to freshen up your favourite mug before your next cuppa.

For best results, fill the dishmop with washing up liquid and close the cap. Washing up liquid will be dispensed through the sponge during use. Only use in water under 40°C. Do not use on delicate surfaces. It is recommended to test on an inconspicuous spot before use. Do not use with bleach or aggressive detergents. Rinse the head before first use.

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