Live Webinar

We have just completed another live webinar, this time for one of our existing clients Timecode Systems Ltd. We created a pop up TV studio in their offices and broadcast live to a network of dealers across the world. The broadcast included two live cameras, HD vision mixer with VT playback and laptop screen input for demoing software. A high resolution recording was also being taken locally for post-production and future uploading.

Successful webinars require planning and promotion but the effort is well worth it. In addition to generating leads, a strong webinar helps to deliver key messages to a wide audience in a convenient and cost effective way. Include the facility for the viewer to ask live questions and you truly have a powerful marketing tool.

We can set up in any location and handle to 6 high definition inputs . These could be cameras, media players or computers. Please get in touch if you have a webinar planned which you would like our help with.

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